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HELP searching Alta vista. These are the methods I use. Its all in how you word your search sentence. If you are searching for "brown puppies" then you would try it both backwards and forwards.
brown puppies - puppies brown

Another technique is use the quotes around your statement. If you are looking for something specific, then you must be specific and brown puppies is not specific enough... so... try "Albanian brown puppies" - "Brown Puppies Albanian"

Remember to put the quotes around your search phrase. This will try to look for that exact title or word phrase on all of the different pages. Alot of times if gives no results, but just by changing the way you say it, add to it and turn it around by using the quotes, eventually you will turn up the page you are looking for. Who wants to look through a whole set of links and the link they really want is link 2,030,463 !!! The key is using the correct search phrase!

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