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Do you want to learn how to make money with your website. Frynge.com has put together this resource so you can do it as easy as possible. Before you start, we recommend that you bookmark this page to come back easily.

What do you want to do?

Sell text links on your site?

Here are some methods to sell text links on your site.

What you can do is sell small amounts of space or sell text links on your web site. You can make a substantial amount of money selling links.

Three best methods of selling links
Get paid per month. Make money if you own a website, by selling simple, relevant text ads that you put up on your website. You can also buy links which generate traffic from this company as well.

Get paid per click. Earn money from relevant ads on your website. Earn money whenever your visitors click on them. Great way to earn extra money.

Get paid per month. Sell ads on your site. Earn 70% of ad revenue recurring monthly. Get paid to blog and write reviews.

Useful tools to make money on the internet with

We recommend that you bookmark this page to come back easily.

First install the google pagerank checker to check your google page rank. This allows you to check your google page rank in your internet browswer and gives you other functions you will need. You should have a google page rank of about 3 or higher to participate OR have lots of incoming traffic.

Also look for these great tools:   Extreme Tracker      Keyword Tool       Sharing Widget     Future PR Checker    Sandbox Tool

  BackLink Check    Competition Finder    SEO Stats Tool      Alexa Rank Tool   Keyword Generator

Description of all of these tools:

Extreme Tracker:
This will allow you to track your traffic, but not only that, it will allow you to see exactly what people are typing to get to your website. You can then find out exactly how high your listing is on google or any other search engine. Make small modifications to your website and the go back and check again, to see if the listing has went up or down. This tool alone will allow you to score high on search engines and bring in tons of organic traffic.

Adwords Keyword Tool:
This will allow you to find keywords that are not popular or have little competition. Do this to score high on pages, that have little competition and you will have many pages reach the tops of the search engines. As you get better bringing in organic traffic, you will take keywords and phrases with more competition!

Sharethis Tool:
This allows users to share your pag with others. Start using it right away. Here is an example of it:

Google Sandbox Checker Tool
This google sandbox checker tool helps you to check if your site is in google's sandbox for a given keyword. This checker tool has fields to enter the keyword, URL and to select Google's regional domain. On clicking Submit the tool tells you if your site is been placed in google's sandbox

Future Page Rank Checker:
Very handy tool for building page rank and organic search engin traffic! This will let you know which trend your page rank is moving. It allows you to check the future page rank for organic advertising, so you will know exactly how many links you will need in order to go up page rank. The more page rank, the more traffic lower end pages will gather.

Google Sandbox Tool:
Submitted your page to the search engines and waited a few weeks and it still isn't showing? Use the google sandbox tool. This google sandbox checker tool will help you check if your site is in google's sandbox for a given keyword. This tool has fields to enter the keyword, website URL and to select Googles regional domain. If you have been placed in google sandbox, there is something wrong with your page. When clicking Submit the tool tells you if your site is been placed in googles sandbox.

BackLink Checker Tool:
This back link Checker tool will give you a good idea of how many sites have linked to your website. Google knows most of the links pointing to our sites. Its major flaw is that it does not crawl very deeply and as a result miss some pages on your site, which may have been created for link purposes or organic traffic. Microsoft Network checks for your back links and tells you how many websites are linking to yours. Web site popularity is a very important factor in your search engine ranking (SEO RANKING). The more popular your website is, the better it will be ranked on the search engines and the more organic traffic you will have.

Competition Finder Tool:
This tool helps you find all your competitors regular and anchor tags of their web page, with which you can compare yours. What you do is enter the two names of the website to be compared in two separate lines and it will do the work for you. When clicking SUBMIT the result of comparison of the anchor and regular tags are displayed in the box below. This tool is helpful if you find a page that is scoring high on google or organic listings and you want to find out why, so you can do the same with your webpage.

SEO Statistics Widget:
The Search Engine Optimization Statistics Widget will automatically ask you all the information about your website from a number of search engines in the world. It shows your site page rank in a graphical form!

ALEXA Rank Comparison Graph:
The Alexa rank Checker tool that we have developed will automatically query Alexa search engines. It shows your traffic in a graph. And when multiple domains are entered it shows the relative traffic between the sites.

Keyword List Generator Tool:
This tool will help you generate all the keywords you need to help seed your site with rich keyphrase content. Just plug in some keywords and your off!

Selling Text Links:

Click below and sign up and start selling text links today! Scroll down and choose the link... "Publish simple text link ads on your site that you control."

Text Link Ads

This allows you to add a simple text link on your site and advertisers will pay you to keep this text link up. There is some webmaster experience involved, but there are many options, so don't worry. If the first one isn't suited for you, try the next.

Sell banner space on your website - advertisers will pay you to advertise on your website

One of the best ways to make money off your website is to put up a google banner. Before you start, we recommend that you bookmark this page to come back easily. Making money from google is very easy. All you do is sign up and then put a google banner on your site. When someone clicks on that banner, you make money! Isn't life great?? :)

Bring Targetted Traffic with google Adwords

Google adwords will allow you to target your sales to the best search engine out there. According to my stats, I get 95% of traffic from google and the other 5 percent is ALL THE OTHER SEARCH ENGINES COMBINED. I have number 1 listings on yahoo, msn, altavista as well, but it doesnt seem to matter. Google truely is the king and if you want to get traffic, this is the best option for you. So feel free to click below and sign up for ADWORDS.

What you get:
  • Sponsored listings that guarantee you top listings in hours not months!
  • Advertising to target specific keywords
  • Advertising to target specific behaviors of clients
  • ContextTarget puts your ads alongside editorial content on some of the Web's most respected sites including MSNBC.com, MarketWatch, USAToday.com and AutoBytel.com

Accept credit cards to your website

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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