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Advanced Alta Vista Searching. Okay so most of the time you find things... but you want to know how to get to the page as quickly as possible. This system works for me:

  1. Think of what the person would type in, when making a page about what your looking for
  2. Think of a title the webmaster would use to create his/her page
  3. Use quotes first. If you get no results, go back and try to think of different words or take the quotes off.
  4. Be as specific as possible if you want to find good pages.
  5. Think of different words. If needed, here is an online thesaurus, that makes up similar words for any word you put in.

Some Tools:

If your search on Alta vista is not going well, try 7 search or Gotoworld. Both these enginges are paid for search engines, which means they will have very relevant links.

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