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Over the past few years, I have recommended Ask Jeeves and other different search engines, to help you find what you are looking for on the net. All have their strong points and suit the bill for whatever they promise.

One of the short comings of search engines is they function best when you think like a search engine. The very best results are obtained when you use multiple keywords and ask the engine a question, search for exact phrases, and that is why its best to use Ask Jeeves.

It is a work of art when you see people who sit down and enter something in to a search engine and get it correct the first time and get pretty good results. It can also be frustrating for Internet searchers who don't use the proper search terms characters and ends up with millions of useless results.

Ask this newer engine, "Ask Jeeves" questions, because tries to avoid all of the above by turning to the English language rather then crazy search engine questions. The example below this paragraph, I asked Mr. Jeeves to give me an answer to the question "Where can I find travel information?"

The very first thing this search engine does is lets me know that there are some questions that it knows the answer to, because people have already asked them. The programmers have stored my question, looking for keywords and associate them with key phrases that are already indexed at Jeeves! By pulling down all the menus, I can see a bunch of questions that people have Asked Jeeves and what he knows and I'm all ready to "Go" if any of them are actually what I want.

Ask Jeeves even goes further then the rest! It has its own knowledge bank, but also Ask Jeeves has sent my question to Altavista, Excite, Yahoo, and Infobot. So, if Jeeves doesn't know the answer this time, he will definitely find that one of the search engines might be able to give him a better answer.

Ask Jeeves is a great web page with personality. If you want an easy way to search and don't want to learn the syntax of a search engine, this is a great solution. If you find Ask Jeeves helpful for you and your family, you'll undoubtedly really like Ask Jeeves for Kids!

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