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Search and find any graphic file - Pull the drop down menu and choose your file type
Example: Looking for swimsuit photos? Choose .JPG and type: swimsuit

Find any picture: What can I use this search engine for? You can find images from all over the internet. Do you want to find babes in swim suits? How about a picture of a baby? Maybe a scenic view. Just use the search and pull down the drop down menu to choose the image type and you will find images from all over the world!

- Choose "PDFS" and then type in "Guitar Chords" in the search window
(Free E-books with all guitar chords)
- Choose "PDFS" and type in "War of the Worlds" and you will get H. G. Wells War of the worlds free e-book!
- Choose "PPT" and type in "Powerpoint templates" and you will find free powerpoint templates
- Choose "Torrents" and type in the name of the movie or music. To get the files you need utorrent
- Choose "Find Web Cams" and don't enter anything in the search box. This will allow you to find and control free web cams all over the world!

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