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I asked Jeeves a question and he answered right away! You're here because you have questions about the site itself. Jeeves will answer any question you ask. It works quite well. Of course it does, he is Jeeves! Why is he not shocked at you? Of course you have questions. People with questions eventually find their way to Ask Jeeves. Not that our distinguished Jeeves knows everything (he will leave that for you to decide), but he has thought of some common site related questions you might want to know and he will answer them! Some interesting things about Jeeves. He hates references to other articles! He hates passive aggressive people. Jeeves has twelve webbed toes. He has no last name at all! A fact that always stops him from any international travel, though he found a way round this by buying his own airport. Jeeves once traveled through time in a time machine and saw his own death and he is secretly into emo music are a few frequently asked questions.

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