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Canadian Web Site Design and Canadian Facelifts

What is a web site facelift? What we do is take your present site and use what you have, and then create a much better version with the newest scripts compatible for most browsers and the newest advertising techniques. Usually because you have a site built already, we can do more copying and pasting which saves you money because we have to do less typing.

So on average, website facelifts are quite affordable and a great way to make your site more graphically pleasing but yet still search engine friendly. Feel free at any time to request a website facelift in our quote section.

Here is an example of a facelift.

Old site before facelift

New site after facelift

Mountain Pursuits website facelift Mountain Pursuits website facelift

Professional Custom Website Redesigns - Revamps and Facelifts

What does, is take your existing custom site and make it better. We can update the graphics, add a flash banner, add an intro, create a whole new template or fix errors made from your previous web designer. We can also enhance your advertising for search engines as we have alot of services.

We have redone many websites, so why not take your site in to the new year with a bang. Go request a quote from our quote department and give as much information as possible. Tell us sites you like, what needs to be done and we will get back to you shortly with a comphrehensive quote.
Old site before facelift

New site after facelift

Old site before facelift New site after facelift

A number of concerns should be dealt with when designing web pages. We pride ourselves in giving our clients professional custom Canadian designed web sites that work on all browsers. One of the most critical questions to ask yourself, is what browser your future client would be using to view your product or service. And for that matter, what versions are they using?

Does your web page, look the same on your computer as it does on your clients?

Why is this important?

People using older versions of Netscape (v1, v2) MSIE (v2) don't except frames, have trouble with FrontPage and on top of that some people do not know how to change their resolution on their monitor and still have it at the old 640 X 480.

(Netscape, AOL and other browsers DO NOT SUPPORT a lot of these functions inside FrontPage)

Resolution can be most important and you will notice professional pages will always look the same on all computers no matter what the resolution, (this page looks the same but smaller on *ALL* browsers) but a lot of web designers do not know about this problem.

If this is not a concern from your company then certain people viewing your web page, will not see it as you do. There may be missing links, pages scrolling off to the right and pages that do not display because of FrontPage animations.

If your company does not want to support these people then you have no worries! If you want to support as many people as possible then this should be of some concern and you should seek a custom solution. This page was done for DOTAD.COM

Old site before facelift

New site after facelift

Dotad website facelift

The problem page on the left was Dotad's first try. They had built it in Microsoft FrontPage. They had numerous problems. One problem was that because they had built it in frontpage, browsers such as netscape or mozilla based browsers wouldn't work correctly. The buttons or special scripts they had made in frontpage, they are custom, but wouldn't work on other browsers. No Netscape, Webtv, or mozilla based browsers could view the animations as well as AOL users and Unix users. It crashed Netscape browsers and in others, it did not display correctly. Netscape still holds a small portion of the market share and so they asked the Frynge to fix it up. The second problem was the animations were all in FrontPage, so when you tried to click on a button, it didn't go anywhere. This was solved by using animated gifs and using JavaScript. And the third problem was that the page scrolled off to the right effectively hiding a portion of their web page from users that didn't know to scroll over to the right. They started building their page in 800x600 resolution and it was fixed easily by building all of the page in 640x480. It then looks a little smaller in other resolutions but does not change.

Notice how the version on the right, does not have a little scroll bar at the bottom. The graphics change by JavaScript (more supported then front page) and the animations are done in GIF graphics not FrontPage and is not professional.

You can be assured that the will use the latest technology and will take in to account, how you want your site to view to your clients, not only how it displays on your computer. Feel free to request a quote, to update your site with the latest advertising techniques or graphical / scripting.

Some other facelifts...

Old site before facelift

New site after facelift

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