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Print ads - Banners and Logos

It doesn't matter if you need ads for print, we can help you. The can take care of all your design needs. We do graphic design, flash design, corporate logo design, program icons for windows and software and much more. Just ask us, and we can take care of your needs.

Free Wallpaper

Here is some free wall paper. Feel free to use it as your desktop.

CRW0350-800x600 CRW_0346-800x600 Carla-800x600-2 Gabrielle-800x600
gliece-800x600 larissa-800x600 renata-800x600  

Palm Pilot wallpapers

Professional but affordable link exchange banners

Do you need professional banners? Not interested in paying $80 - $220 per banner? We can design banners for as low as $30 CAD per banner!! This first banner was done for a company called DOTAD.COM This is a higher end banner and they asked us to also design the mascot called Harry. We can design for your company any type of high end banner so that you can use them for any type of banner exchange. 468 x 60 or 400 x 40 and we also find ways to keep the graphics down to 11 k which is standard for all types of banner exchanges.

Professional banners at affordable prices

Do you need some animated banners? These two were done for Deepsky 2000. They needed a quick and simple animation for banner exchanges or to just give the code to other interested web masters who want to put a small or Deep Sky 2000 small animated button large link on their site. You have a few options, take a larger banner that was 468x60 or a nice small banner that is 100x50. This is a good way to promote your site. You can offer a small banner or button on your site, with the code and all a user has to do is copy the graphic and then copy the code to put it on their own web site. Search engines like google display sites on their engine solely from link popularity, so the more you use banners and off site links, the higher you will be on that search engine.

Deepsky 2000 animated banner

This next banner is for earn to surf and work at home mom's. It is made for a banner program to catch the eye quickly and to show exactly what the site offers. Offering a great search engine portal with free long distance through the internet, free music, free add urls to over 400,000 links from one page. A helpful language translator and dictionary, thesaurus, and much much more. This banner gets 100% more click throughs due to its design.

Work at home mom's

This next banner was done for a casino site. There are two versions. One that is static and non animated for banner exchanges and one that is animated for sites. We try to keep all banners under the 11 k - 13 k mark so they can be used for any banner exchange. We can create any type of logo or banner for you, and at very affordable prices. Our competitors are usually asking $150.00 Canadian per banner (that's 3 hours @ $50 per hour) and we usually do banners in 1 - 2 hours (1 - 2 hours at $40 per hour) - How can you beat that for a professional design?

Marilyn Best Casino banner

This next banner was for Build-it-fast and gives a three dimensional look. We use shadowed fonts and try to lift the graphics up off your page to give it that 3D look. If your interested in any graphic design, you can email us and inquire about any of your graphical needs. We will email you back promptly with a quote so you can see what types of affordable prices we have.


From each banner you get a good idea of what the site must be about, but professional banners should draw you to click on them any ways. This next banner was for the Link Master. Its a good idea to highlight the best points of the site and let others know if you can get free things from the sites. Number 1 clicks are usually from offers that promote the word FREE or BUTTONS that look like forms.

Link Master banner

When you have banners that look like you can click buttons or change the radio buttons, you get more clicks on average. As this banner is designed, it was made to get users to change the radio buttons and then they would be taken to the site. These banners always get higher click through rates as they look like forms on the page or that you can change the options.

More Banners

We can also create banners with actual pull down menus inside as well. This technique uses one top banner then a real formed pull down menu and then other graphics surrounding it, giving it the appearance it is just one banner. When you click the arrow it pulls down a menu and you can choose which brings you to specific places in the site.

One click banners

Each of these banners were made with unique graphics so you can be assured your creation is an original. If you have a specific design you can guide us through your specific needs. Banners as the one you see here were created specifically for banner programs and to draw in people to click on each design to find out exactly what its about.

Alien Banners!

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