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How Do I Build Long Term Traffic To My Website Or Build My Page Rank

Have you been asking yourself that question? Fear not, Frynge will help. First you need to make sure your site is at least advertised to the search engines. Go here for website submission and submit your site to thousands of search engines. Next you may be wondering why your site is not doing well in search engines. Go here for website analysis, which shows exactly where your site scores on search engines like google.

If you have your site already listed with google, then you need to start building long term traffic. Here is a quick guide.

1: install this counter on all pages
(start off with your most important site with the highest page rank)

2: After it has collected some traffic stats, go to the referrer tracking on YOUR new counter.
Look under last 20 search engines queries. Do this every day to see what position you are at in google as well as who your competitors are.

example of referrer 1 keywords
12 Aug, Tue, 17:04:05 Google: Learn how to build traffic
12 Aug, Tue, 19:24:53 Google: How do I build page rank?
12 Aug, Tue, 19:57:26 Google: How do I build long term traffic?

Now, when you are inside your own counter on REFERRER 1 (last 20 search engine queries) open each link up in a new window and click on each link and see where your website is and what page is located on. For example, take the keyword Learn how to build traffic . It should open google search engine, to the page where your website is on and what location. You may have to look for it. If its not there, (it may be dancing around) you need to click on the next page or page after that, (or the previous page or page after that) as it may be google dancing around (it will move from time to time) and just try to find your page. Hopefully you have located it.

Find your site
Lets say your site is 18th on page 2. Now find the number 1 link and compare the keyword density with your site or page.

Now you modify your page slightly, bringing up the keyword density to equal or come close to the top 1 top 2 and top 3 sites. (try to come close to their keyword density).
Make one modification and then check back on the search engines in the following weeks to see if it goes up or down. Do this with every link on your counter... if its in the top 5 leave it.

Always make back up copies of the pages you alter, to bring them back if you get a lower listing. Do this over and over on all your pages and traffic and you will build traffic.

3: start really building your page rank. Spend one full week out of every month doing it. Do it 2 hours at least per day.

Go find sites where you can link your site to (they must already be listed with google). Make sure they dont have too many links on them or you will receive no page rank. If you are not linking your site well, it will eventually lose its page rank and you will lose any traffic you are getting if you dont work at it.

To find out how many sites link to your site, type this in google.

Talk to people who are in your industry and ask to link to each other. You need to find another site that is not competiting with yours, but will work hand in hand with yours. You need to set up a link partnership. This will trade page rank, but most important if you do it correctly, you will get incredible organic traffic from it.

Example: You have website that sells cars. Then you find a car accessories shop, and ask them if they will link to you. A smarter way to go about it, is to find if the site has page rank. If they have page rank, google considers them to be a good site. That means they have traffic or something good there. To search page rank, first find top sites from this search engine.

Enter in a search term that is a close partnership to your site. "Car accessories" as in the above example

Sort the listing by page rank and start to look to partner with strong page rank sites, that would also provide you traffic. You can then approach those websites and let them know it would be good to trade traffic and partnership up. Send out as many as you can and then forget. Many people will not want to link, so don't be discouraged. Just keep doing it and move on. Eventually a lot of sites will start linking to you.

Another step to build page rank is to find diretories that list your site for free or link back to you. If as in above your website sells cars, then you need to type in google something like "Automotive directory" "Automotiv directories". Then you start looking at all these for the ADD URL or submit your link button, and submit to as many as possible.

Do this over and over and you will build traffic and page rank.

You will always keep building traffic by the methods above. Once you have the traffic or page rank, (about 4, but 5 will make you good money) then you go to this page. Make some money with my website

Sign up for those programs and start generating revenue from your site through ads.

Another great technique is to offer free things, free advice, free knowledge on your website. Link them from prominant locations on your site and do as many as you can. That brings in traffic. With traffic you can show others your counter (webalyser in our cpanel hosting - click here if you need hosting) and you can use that as a leverage tool to get more links, or paid links or get more traffic.

If you focus on this, I mean really focus in the next year, you will be making a good income from your site. Good luck :)

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