Sponsored Advertising or Organic, which should I choose?

Search engine optimization is a tricky business. There are two options for you.

1: website analysis
2: sponsored advertising

Website analysis:

A website analysis has the Frynge come in to your site, every time you order the package. We will modify your content, count your keywords for higher listings, teach you how to gain page rank and do your meta tags. We expose weaknesses in your website (in regards to search engines) and fix errors with search engine submissions. The more you use this package, the higher you get in the search engines. Website analysis is great for the long term

– When you do get to the front page of a search, you are there for good or until someone does better then your site. We try to go for top 1 position or at least top 5 to top 10. We can raise these over time.

-The costs are a one time fee and when you reach your desired position, you no longer have to pay unless you want to go higher or you lose a position OR if you want more keywords or phrases at the top or you want to modify other pages then your front (front page is the strongest page and we work with that first)

-These are called organic listings. Which means they are done naturally. Most people click more on the organic listings then they do on the sponsored listings. (so more traffic if you get to the tops)

– Once you gain a high page rank, people or other organisations will want to pay you to put their links on your site


– it takes time to get there. (this is a long term process over 6 months to a year) Each analysis is $99.99 and you have to learn how to build the three factors of your website. Your meta tags(we do this for you), your link popularity (page rank) and your content have to be modified contstantly. Some poeple order 1 analysis and start themselves off, some order 2 or more, others order one every month, and some clients order one every two weeks. This gets multiple keywords up to the top and teaches them how to build high page rank over time.

– You have to do alot of the work yourself. Building your page rank (we will show you how) and your content( we will show you what we need, you build it and we put it on the website) This then saves you money in the long run

learn more about it and order it here:


Sponsored listings means you pay to get there. There is no search engine optimization and you are only up at the tops of the search engine you pay for. Sponsored listings are for the short term. (usually although some people ONLY use sponsored and do it for the long term)

Sponsored Advertising


– you go up to the top on the day you pay

– you can choose your keyword you want immediately – there is no waiting

– the costs, you set a budget every month and you pay for people clicking on your link


– your keyword, if alot of other people want it, may be expensive per click

– when you stop paying you are gone off that engine for good (no long term benefits)

– the costs are higher because you set a budget and you have to learn how to manage your campaign

– you gain no page rank and other people consider sponsored listings not as good as organic.

– how high your listing is in sponsored is determined how much you want to pay per click, so this can get quite expensive


If you do sponsored advertising, the one I suggest you start is the google one, and the first link…

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