Study the CIA and what they are doing around the world. The CIA is upsetting democratic elections in many parts of the world and helping install puppet dictators like the Shah of Iran (which caused the Iran hostage situation) and Saddam Hussein.

The CIA helped them get in to power in order to control them, this is totally documented. (Irans president Mosaddegh was democratically elected and ousted by an american backed coup, which installed the Shah of Iran and led to the taking of hostages from the american embassy and later the Iran contra hearings)

Castro in Cuba was attempted but is now isolated by the USA. Noriega in Panama, Mosaddegh in Iran, Saddam In Iraq, and hundreds of more interference in other countries. (This is one of the many reasons why the US is getting a bad reputation around the world and considered the “White Satan” by many countries unfortunately)

The CIA also did a report on itself about the blow back effect.

The blow back effect is what happened in the case of 911 and there will be many more to come in the future.

The CIA is trying to police the world and safeguard their own interests. Sometimes it works for all, but most times they leave a place in ruin, to people like Saddam Hussein and The Shah of Iran.

At the bottom of it all, we have to get out of this “eye for an eye and tooth for tooth” mentality.

If we don’t as Martin Luther King has stated, if it were true, we will all be eyeless and toothless people.

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