RCChristian is the pseudonym of the creator of the Georgia Guide stones. Alex Jones got a bunch of kids all riled up over NWO conspiracies and they eventually went to the Georgia guide stones and defaced them, putting the words “fuck the NWO (new world order).

The Georgia guide stones as stated were made by a guy called RCCHRISTIAN which is a pseudonym for Thomas Paine who created a book called the Age of Reason, which denounces Christianity and says that all religion should be out of politics but you should be free to do what you want, just keep it out of politics and enter an age of reason where we eliminate hunger, war, greed and enter an age of reason.

If you read the book in the library where the The Georgia Guide stones are made, Rcchrisitan lays out what the real meaning of the Georgia guide stones are…

Which is NOT what Alex Jones Fan boys think it is… this monument to the new world order, to control population and for the government to oppress the people.

What RCCHRISTIAN notes the monument is for, is to live in peace with all people of the world and its a warning to the future of mankind and lays out ideals we should follow in order to do it. The monument makers feel we do not listen to each other and we avoid the lessons of population control, gun control, war control, rich/poor control… and as such, the makers believe the human race probably will not survive. If this is true, the monument was created in order to warn the future of mankind on how to live…. after this possible destruction OR the changes we must make right now, in order to move in to this age of reason.

Yet Alex Jones fan boys, came there to destroy and to deface it. That is the irony. They feel they are protecting the world against the new world order, but yet they never took the time to see what the monument is really about…

So my icon and name, notes the Irony of religion and the LAST DAY Eschatologists (people like Alex Jones and religious fanatics who believe we are in the last days of earth)

We could enter an age of reason, like Thomas Paine assumed we would, or we could be in the last days, but not for the reasons the religious fanatics and alex jones fanatics (NWO BOYS) say we are. We are there because we are not heeding population control and not taking care of the earth.

It can all change if we enter this age of reason.

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