The Killer Prophet – Documentary

This crazy guy basically kills people right after the Charles Manson incident. People were on high alert about this peace and love movement and then people start to freak out.

The irony is that at the time, the normal citizens think the killings were done by another group like Charles Manson. They wanted to lynch “long hairs”. They had the same fear, as the guy actually committing the crimes. He became paranoid and thought the world was going to end due to studying revelations and then confused this with modern day events. He was paranoid as well.

The common ground is people are paranoid by default.

What seems to be happening in our society is, we fear things as groups and we fear things as individuals. Then we create elaborate stories (conspiracies) in order to try to describe them but we describe them through out worst fears. This causes some individuals to act (like in the case of the killer prophet but also causes some groups to react with fear (in the case of the citizens wanting to lynch “long hairs”.

The key is we are a fearful society, some act as individuals, some as groups, but we project our own fears on to society and we are creating society accidentally while we do this. There only direction is paranoia.

Shouldn’t we be projecting our most positive desires, even in the face of madness, in order to ensure a positive outcome? This applies to John Frazier as much as it does to how we all act as a group.

Something to think about.

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