Change your content often

Add as much content that really targets and helps your visitors. Have a page for all facets of your site design. The more content you have, the more pages are spidered by search engines like google, yahoo and msn which equates to having more traffic and more quality traffic.

If you build solid content that people use, it will be indexed high.

If you build content with keywords that people cant use and rarely visit, google picks up on this and gives other sites higher listings by recording every time a person accesses that page and where they came from and how long they stayed.

It can track one url ahead and one behind.


I was at a real estate site, clicked on a link to go to the target site, spent 2 mins browsing and went to an interior target page.

(this example gives the page credit)

I was at a real estate site, clicked on a link to go to the target site, spent less then 10 seconds on the page and exited or went back to google.

If you don’t find what your looking for, google can track this amount so the longer and more use a site gets, helps it get higher listings in the long run.

Where do I get content?

The best place is to write it yourself, and discuss all facets of your web site.

The second best place is to write a review of something

The third is to get content from free content sites. You can search these sites for content relating to your site and post their articles as long as you provide a link back to them. Check the free content for your site here.

Make sure if you have products, you dont just list them, but you full explain the on some page.

Make sure if your site targets a geographic location, that you specify this in many places and many pages of your site.

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