How do I get people to link to my site?

Method 1 – Ask them!

What you can do is approach other websites that are similar in content or who compliment your site.

Note: It doesn’t matter what types of sites link to you, but if you are doing reciprocal links (they link to you, and you link to them) Please watch who you link to. They must have some type of page rank, so you know they are not spammers, and it would be best if they compliment your website niche. In other words, if you are a car site, you don’t want to go crazy getting links from a site about flowers. These two are not related. If you can find a relation, you will have more success.


You have a site that sells Books about building houses.

You may want to approach publishers of books, you may want to approach people who sell pens, you could approach colored paper manufacturers, you may want to try people in the real estate industry and more. This is just to give you an idea, but there are thousands of sites you can approach to ask to exchange or ask for a link back to your site.

Note: Do not get discouraged if people do not answer or do not want to link to you, or even say something negative back. Just move on to the next. The key is not to get discouraged and do as many as you can

What do I say to them?

Simply let them know they have a good site, that you appreciate their content and it compliments your own site. You may want to let them know how much traffic you get (if you get any at this point) and any advertising you intend to do in the future that may benefit them. Give them the best features of your site. If you have no features, its in your interest to start working on your content and other things to build the “value” of your site.

The best thing to look for is one way links:
If you are looking for one way links (just getting them to link back to you)

You may offer them a testimonial if you like and have used their product and have them link to your site. Or you can just simply ask them for a link. You will send out a ton of emails, but dont get discouraged. Find quality places to add your links and they will come over time. Send them and forget them. Don’t get angry if others don’t want to link to you.

Here is an example of an email you can send out.

Hello Name:

I just visited your site at: and I think that my site would be a benefit to your users. If you would like to link to me I would appreciate it. I think my site can add a resource to your already great site.


Give them your web site title, description and your name

THE GREAT WEB SITE (use your best keywords here, also refer to building titles in this article)


DESCRIPTION: This is the great web site offering great things, like this and that, and also other things, make sure this is descriptive and about 2 lines.

Also build one for people who just want to add one text link with no decription.

Method 2 – Directories

This is an excellent way to gather one way links

Go on to google, or yahoo, or msn and look for directories.


You have site about cars

Go to google and type:

Car directory
Car directories
directory cars
directories cars

automobile directories
chevy directories


Now find places you can add your site for free. These directories may give you a small amount of traffic, but that isnt the important part. Google and other engines probably have already indexed them, and they will give you link popularity if you can get them to link to you. Its very tedious and takes time, but this method is very sound for building page rank.

Method 3 – reciprocal links

You can ask others to link to your site, and you will link back to them.

You will need to build a links page, and make sure you check their page rank of their links page. There is no use linking to someone who has a page rank of 0.

If I have a links page here

Just type that in at BLING

Go to bling and type this in:

Page rank i think is 4 last time i checked.

This will tell you what google page rank they have. Find sites with at least a page rank of 3. If you have 0 page rank and you are just starting out, you will probalby want to get any link you can, so don’t worry too much about their page rank. DO NOT BOTHER WITH LINK FARMS or sites that spam you. You will only regret it.

But the higher their page rank on their link site, or where ever they put your link, the better it is for you.

Remember 0 is the worst page rank and 10 is the best. Most people are 5 and under.

Method 4 – search engines

Search engines are one of the best ways to get page rank. By getting your site listed in them, you can get more page rank. So the more search engines your listed with, the better it is.

If you havent done any advertising, make sure you go check out our advertising page and get listed today

We submit you to OVER 1.4 million search engines and indexes, but there are that many more out there. There are new ones coming up all the time, so feel free to go crazy and submit any where you can.

Method 5 – DMOZ

One of the hardest directories to get listed with, is DMOZ

If you can get listed their, you will have higher page rank.

Go submit thier on a regular basis

Find the category that best suits you and click on SUBMIT URL in the top right.

Very few sites get listed here, but its definately worth the effort.

ALSO try GOGUIDES and joe ant

Method 6: World Wide submission

We offer a world submissioin and we advertise you to many international engines, but its always a good idea to cover all bases, even the ones you can’t see. Try the Search engine colussus.

This will allow you to go in to international engines and submit. You are looking for the ADD URL which is usually located at the top right and bottom right or left.

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