Googles Update :: Jagger Revisited
Thursday Oct 27th 2005

Thousands of established sites were recently re-sandboxed during the latest Google updated dubbed Update Jagger. Many of the dropped sites were top-10 in Google for their money keywords for years, now they are no where to be found. SEOs and webmasters are scratching their collective heads wondering what’s going on.

LinkAdage believes the re-sandboxing of a website can be the result of many factors. You will need to look at your website and SEO efforts and try to figure out what factor caused your site to get dropped into the Google sandbox and out of the public eye.

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Google is making a dedicated effort to list only the most dynamic, popular, authoritative sites possible in the top 10 for highly competitive keywords. So if you have a small site that hasn’t change much, is not sticky (return visits), and your backlink patterns are unnatural, you’re probably wondering what happened to your websites rankings.

Here are a few things that should be avoided:

Participation in Reciprocal Link Clubs or Reciprocal Link Pyramid Schemes
Stagnant Content
Too many links from multi-category article websites that are built for selling AdSense and text links ads.
Black Hat SEO “hidden text, hidden links, sneaky redirects etc”

Google your sites name “ How many results? Your sites name should come up at least 20,000 times. People discuss authority sites.

The new twist to the Jagger update is Google has turned up things a notch and it now looks, as detailed in Googles Search Engine 25 Patent, that they are beginning to use Google toolbar and search behavior more then ever.

Google Search Data Red Flags

Lack of repeat visits
Short visits – Visitors search keyword, click on your result, and leave your site immediately.
Your site not getting bookmarked

So how do you get back to the top? There is no easy fix, we can help you.

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You will need to submit your site to a large portion of search engines, you need to make sure your meta tags are in order (website analysis) you need to make sure you have proper content. You need to get the right links, you need to entice people to make your site one of their favorites and come back often, and you need to offer something unique to the Internet community. Essentially, you need to become an authority site in your niche. This is no easy task and requires hours of time and devotion.

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