Building long term organic traffic

Something you can start on. You need to submit your site to as many directories as possible. If you can do it 1 hour a month, it will be great. 1 hour every 2 weeks and its incredible. 1 hour every week and you will see results quicker. 1 hour every day and within a year you will easily be making money off adsense.

Directories will get you a small amount of traffic, plus good page rank with google, which later you can use to sell links.

This is just stuff you do in your spare time… for fun.. fire and forget. Don’t think about how much time it takes or it will be a hassle. Just do a little at a time and it adds up big in the future.

Lets say you have a jewelry site and you want to submit your site to as many directories as possible:

Go to google and type:
jewelry directories,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=97a511600a7064dc&biw=1920&bih=946

FIND THE FREE ONES – Building long term organic traffic.

If it asks for money, just move on. If you put in all the info and it asks for money just exit. I usually have a notepad open with my:

names and phone numbers (I don’t usually put real names or phone numbers in and sometimes you cant leave them blank and sometimes I don’t want to enter my real name or phone, this doesn’t matter)

YOU HAVE TO SEARCH AROUND ON HOW TO ACTUALLY SUBMIT THE URL. SOMETIMES IT ISNT EASY. AFTER DOING IT FOR A BIT, YOU WILL FIND IT QUICKLY. Sometimes its easy and you will find SUBMIT SITE, or ADD URL in the bottom right or top right, sometimes in the middle bottom etc. (add your site etc or sometimes its just a contact us link) Sometimes you will need to make a reciprocal link (that means link back to them) so you may want to create a links page and put their link on that page. Look for the category or submit link right away, if its PAY, leave… don’t bother. If its not, then submit.  This is how you build long term organic traffic to your website.

There are a billion directories out there. If each one gives you 1 hit, and you submit to a lot of them, you will get some really good organic traffic……… AND build your page rank. Building page rank will allow you to sell links, get higher search engine listings, will have people come up to you eventually and ask to buy links on your site and will help with Adsense in the future, AND possible allow you to sell your site at the end, for big cash.

Finding complimentary partners. Building long term organic traffic


I have a site that offers web design. I dont want to link to other web designers…

But I use a lot of photos in photo shop. I could approach a site with HIGH PAGE RANK that does photo restoration. (this is just one idea) I just simple let them know my page rank, traffic stats and it would be a good idea to partner up. Do not make generic messages, personalize them all and you will get better results. It takes awhile to build strong connections so if you fire 10 off and no one accepts, don’t worry and move on.

I could also approach people who make photo shop plugins and ask for a reciprocal link. I check their page rank (i installed the google page rank bar on my firefox) and if their page rank is equal to or more or at least near my page rank, I ask them to become partners. I send them an email with the amount of traffic I am getting and then ask (do this later… as your traffic grows)

Another idea… if I don’t want to do advertising, I can link to people who submit websites

Another idea… I can link to people who do BRYCE 3d designs.

I just approach them, let them know my page rank, let them know traffic stats and then ask them if they would like to link and let them know I will place them in a prominent place on my front page. Save these links for the best of the sites with the highest page ranks.

Classified ads: Building long term organic traffic

The next thing you can try is type on google

free classifieds

You can save the bookmark of your search in your bookmarks to know what page on google you are at… I just keep going… i have been doing this for years.

This are all things you can do for FREE, that may give you value in the future. Few follow these steps even when ask them to. And most fail. Just do it. 🙂

FORUMS: Building long term organic traffic

Write on forums. This is a really good way of organic search engine marketing AND it can bring you a lot of valued traffic. Start this way.

type in google

Building long term organic traffic

Building long term organic traffic

Jewelry forums

Sign up for an account and talk about what you love!! 🙂 At the bottom in your signature, put your website. Or even offer your website on the forum (make sure you follow all the forum rules) This is just like talking on facebook or where ever, but the difference is, you are building your business.

Be an expert in your field. Help people and you will be surprised what business opportunities come out of it.

Remember… I dont have time to do all these things either. What I do is just one little thing. 1 day I may just talk on a forum, the other day, I may make a new web page, the other day, I may add my site to directories, and many days I dont do shit 🙂 The key is just to fire and forget and it adds up big time!

Creating web pages: Building long term organic traffic

Make as many web pages as you can. The more the better. Link them inside your site. Blogs are good for this, or just make a new page for the keyword you desire.

Want the keyword…

pink crystal jewelry

Then make a new page that talks about it. Create it quickly, link it to your front page or at least somewhere and then forget it. I have created over 800 pages…

These are just a few ideas of what you can do, to build long term organic traffic as well as build your page rank and your site worth!

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