20 Best Free Online Advertising Sources – Completely Free Advertising

Google Base Google Merchant – Advertise your products with Google base – Google has created a new website, the Google Merchant Center, where you can upload your product feeds and make them easy to find on Google Product Search.

Yahoo Message Forums – http://messages.yahoo.com/ – Yahoo who message forums is a free forum, that will allow you to talk with other people about any subject. You can post your website, and you can include a signature with your website inside it. So go have fun, talk about things you like and it’s free advertising!

In the United States: Free Online Advertising

eBay Classifieds – eBay Classifieds exists for one simple reason: life is busy. It’s a rare day when you’re not doing at least one thing where eBay Classifieds could help: looking for a job, buying a car, selling your old bike, lining up a babysitter, or warming up to your kids’ plea for a puppy.

Life is too busy to deal with iffy classifieds sites. Sites that are not completely free, remarkably simple, and safe enough for your kids to look at — they’re not worth your time. eBay Classifieds strives to be all three. There’s always “someone home”, and we’re here to help.

eBay Classifieds launched originally in the U.S. as Kijiji.com in June 2007. Since then we have grown a very large community and, more recently, re-designed our site to make their lives even simpler. We loved the Kijiji name (“village” in Swahili) but felt it was time for a change and that the eBay brand would breathe some fresh air into online classifieds. Meet the team and read more about our name change here.

In Canada: Free Online Advertising

Kijiji.ca is Canada’s most popular free, local classifieds site. Kijiji offers a convenient, fun, and easy way for people in the same city to buy, sell, trade and help each other out in areas such as goods, cars, services, housing and jobs.

Kijiji is also an environmentally friendly way to recycle things you no longer use without leaving your neighborhood. Because Kijiji connections are between people who live near each other, you can always see and touch an item before you buy.

With an easy-to-use format and an amazing variety of local ads, Kijiji is a unique community where everyone is committed to sharing more and wasting less.

Free Online Advertising

Free Online Advertising

The word “kijiji” (pronounced like key-gee-gee) means “village” in Swahili. This name was chosen because it captures the essence of what we are creating – a site where people can connect with others in their community.

Kijiji was launched in Montreal and Quebec City in February 2005. In November 2005, Kijiji expanded across the rest of Canada and is now in over 100 cities coast to coast.

In the United Kingdom (UK): Free Online Advertising

Gumtree.com was started in March 2000 as a local London classified ads and community site, designed to connect people who were either planning to move, or had just arrived in the city, and needed help getting started with accommodation, employment and meeting new people.

We’ve grown a lot since then through word of mouth and we’re proud to say that Gumtree is loved by its rapidly growing community. We now cover 60 cities across 6 countries – the UK, Ireland, Poland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa – and are the UK’s biggest website for local community classifieds including flat share, flat rentals and jobs. More than 25,000 new rooms are advertised a month, which means at least 10,000 rooms are rented a month through Gumtree. We now have more than one million visitors every month.

Our aim at Gumtree is to give you a simple and easy-to-use tool that lets you quickly find you might be looking for. You can find everything you need to live your life with the help of your local Gumtree community; from a job or a flat, date, a nanny for your kids or a bargain to a language teacher and a tennis partner.

In 2005 we became part of the Kijiji family within eBay. Both Gumtree and Kijiji revolve around thriving online communities and so we hope to learn a lot from each other. Kijiji, which means “village” in Swahili, is a group of community classifieds websites similar to us found in more than 90 cities around the world.

The world: Free Online Advertising

Search Engine Colossus – Searchenginecolossus.com is an international Directory of Search Engines can be looked upon as an effort to give the internet “structure”. This WWW roadmap allows surfers to efficiently gain access to the far reaches of the net! It is hoped that visitors will have an informative, fascinating internet surfing experience as they gain better understanding of their fellow world citizens.

Search Engine Colossus first went online in April, 1998 and it now (August, 2008) has about 3550 listings from 310 countries and territories around the world! The point is to open up communication with other societies, not to erect barriers. The world is much more complicated a place than your basic 20th Century “Nation State” world view presented in atlases, the United Nations, or the “March in of the Athletes” at the Olympic Games.

Search Engine Colossus originates from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Wahm.com – Work at home Moms Free Advertising.

Craigslist.com – 28th ranked in traffic of all websites WORLDWIDE- How would you like to advertise your business in your city on a website that gets more traffic than internet powerhouses AOL.com, CNET.com, About.com and Geocities.com.

What if I told it you it was free?
There are certain rules you must abide by such as only posting the same ad every 3 days, but I know of sites who make more money from posting in craigslist than a keyword campaign on Google. Thats what you call unlimited ROA.

Instantbuzz.com – 100% Free – Installs in Seconds – Get vistiors within an hour … This breakthrough new patent-pending advertising technology will send targeted visitors to your site today. That’s right. The great thing about Instant BuzzTM is that you don’t have to wait months to find out if it’s the right thing for you. You can install Instant BuzzTM in seconds, never do anything different ever again, and you’ll still earn traffic every time you surf.

Blogger.com – ranked 19th in traffic of all websites WORLDWIDE – Ok for an internet novice, writing a blog may be a daunting task. The big question is “What do I say?” Well if you know how to sell your business and your service you provide, then you know what to say.

Yahoo Answers & FAQ Farm – Questions and Answer sites – The potential is unbelievable. I dont think they have even scratched the surface of what it can do. Similar to blogging but instead of your daily blog competing with millions of them, your answer and suggestions directly appeal to the person asking the questions, and the dozens more who want to know the answer. A well written answer can not only promote the value of your business, but it can help out people who are searching for you and dont really know it. Just stay within the Community Guidelines.
Unbelivable for Online Based Businesses.

Reference.com – ranked 129th in traffic of all websites WORLDWIDE – A highly trafficked free listing website. If you categorize your listings correctly then you are very much assured to be found.

Superpages.com ranked 403rd in traffic of all websites WORLDWIDE – believe it or not there is a yellow pages online that is free to submit. The listings are organized geographically so that will help you get local business. There are very broad categories and some specific but if you find the right niche in the right category you could be seen even more. Also they are the yellow pages for sites such as MSN.

EzineArticles.com ranked 622nd in traffic of all websites WORLDWIDE – More work on your part but this is your chance to sell yourself. Writing an article about your service you provide can bring you traffic in 2 ways. First people go to Ezine – it is 622 overall – and they look up topics such as what you are. Second people go to Ezine to post content on their website, with a nice linkback to your website in the credits for the article.

DMOZ.org ranked 168th in traffic of all websites WORLDWIDE – This is the mother of all truly 100% free submission based search engines. Its got a lot of traffic, so why so low. Well there are a ton of advertisers and the categories are a little broad so its likely you may get lost but then again a skilled placement can bring more traffic, not to mention a really good high ranking linkback which will boost your search engine ranking.

GoArticles.com ranked 2120 in traffic of all websites WORLDWIDE – have you ever wanted to have a featur article written about your business. Well this is what Go Articles is but , you write the article and you post the article. This site gets very good traffic and if you write an article often more people will find you in the search and bring you more traffic

Backpage.com ranked 2107 in traffic of all websites WORLDWIDE – Craigslist lite, basically. This site gets a lot of traffic and the best thing its targeted for big cities so if you are near a big city it can mean big traffic to your site.

MySpace.com – ranked 4th in traffic of all websites WORLDWIDE – Yes more free classifieds. Yes more blogging. Yes posting classifieds can be tedious. Yes blogging can be tedious. Yes you may not understand but where else on the internet can you have your say, and people will want to read it. A well placed ad can be very profitable. A well written blog can bring well flowing revenue to a website. MySpace doesnt even know the potential of how big this can be

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Free Online Advertising


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