The Truth About The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Donald Trump



In the weeks leading up to the Presidential Election Day, Donald Trump was hit with an onslaught of allegations of sexual misconduct.  Here we discover the truths surrounding all accusations against Donald Trump.

Honestly I haven’t followed what’s going on in this new bunch of accusations against Trump. I’ve flip flopped a few times though on how I feel about him and who he is as a man.   Is Donald Trump this evil womanizing man who’s out to sexually harass women all over the world, or he is just a normal regular guy that happens to be a billionaire, really likes women and happens now to be the President of the United States?   It’s very odd for a candidate to be as open as he is and I have to admit that.  He’s released information about himself that few candidates would ever do, especially before an election.  Also you don’t go on Howard Sterns show if you’re not an open person.  Hillary has her own issues, but how real is Donald Trump?

I started checking in to it more to look in to Donald Trump’s past sexual abuse.

At one point before the elections there was 8 women who claimed there was some type of abuse.   At least at the time, according to CNN!  But let’s look at the victims closely.  If they’re speaking the truth, it’s good to get it out!

Notice in the picture below CNN shows 8 slots and 8 women, except the last person is anonymous, so we cannot count that one.

Now also notice that CNN displayed the same girl twice. “Natasha Stoynoff”, (in fourth and fifth spot) which is one of the most compelling cases and CNN included it twice. It was probably an accident but it felt to me if they were trying to inflate the number.


So even though this chart looks like it involved 8 women , 1 was anonymous,  1 was repeated (-2)

So actually there are only 6 women here.

Let’s examine each of these women to see exactly what’s going on.

And as of this time more women have come forward.  We will examine each case in detail!  Regardless, this is not good for “The Donald”!  If he’s involved in all this sexual harassment, or even any of it, it wouldn’t look good for him.  If he’s lying about this he may be lying about other things.

The story continues …

So what’s the truth about the claims of sexual abuse?

I did some deeper research on some of the women accusing Donald Trump of sexual harassment.   It’s important to get the full story straight.  Right?

One of the girls name was “Kristen Anderson“.

So I started to watch her testimony.

 Pretty compelling if you ask me and she seems genuine to me.  When I heard her testimony I was starting to feel like anyone would.  Is The Donald guilty?  Should we hang him from the highest rafters of the sexual harassment pillars of society?

Donald Trump sexual harassment of Kirsten Anderson

Donald Trump sexual harassment of Kirsten Anderson

So who is Kristen Anderson anyways??

Who is this lady?  If I’m picking into Trump’s past, then I may as will pick on everyone.  Right?!?  🙂  Does she have any skeletons in her closet?  I was first assuming she was just a normal girl mostly likely not politically motivated.   I especially didn’t expect to find she has a Wikipedia page.

Wow!  She has her own Wikipedia page!

Not many people have that!

It was said … “Kristen Soltis Anderson is an American Republican pollster, television personality and writer. In 2013 Time magazine named Anderson one of the 30 People Under 30 who are changing the world.


I hope you’re not bullshitting me!! 🙂

If you check out her stuff, she’s definitely politically motivated.  She’s building an online profile and using that to promote her latest endeavors. Very interesting indeed.   She’s got a twitter account, a web page and she’s promoting a book right now on her website and twitter (At the time of this, she was promoting her book on both her twitter and top of her website)

30,000 twitter followers!  That’s a powerful twitter!!  (UPDATE) She now has 34,000 followers (up 4000 in less than one month, since her claim)  Most people don’t have that many twitter followers.  Probably a coincidence right?

Her book… was conveniently at the very top post on her twitter!  She was posting it on her twitter right at the time of her first accusations.

So whats the book about?  The Selfie Vote.  It’s a book targeted to Millennials.  She happens to be targeting the very group of people that are one of the  highest supporters of Donald Trump.  The millennials.  So taking her testimony in to account, it’s possible that she is telling the truth, but it’s also possible she was just embellishing an earlier incident, so she could promote her life and book.

selfie-vote-kristen-andersonI’m sure something happened here, but it’s not fully clear what.

So what next?

Is there anything more in this story?

Let’s check her Wikipedia page!  Wikipedia is a great resource but it’s not too hard to change pages that are not popular.  The more popular the page is, the more people try to change the page!  So the more people that try to change the page, oddly enough the more up to date and accurate the page is, because many people are trying to change it.   Many people don’t realize this, but you need an account to change a Wikipedia page, in good standing and that has made other previous changes.  It isn’t hard to get this, but it takes a small amount of time, which usually discourages most spammers.  It is however very difficult to change a popular page.  Many people watch high profile Wikipedia pages and when the page is altered, Wikipedia will alert them when you’ve changed the wikipedia page they’re watching.

So people who are passionate about editing certain pages, get warned when you change the page and they can easily revert the page back if there are any devious changes.   If you make too many bad changes and they get reverted, your account gets in worse and worse standing and may get banned.   So it’s not as easy as some think, to change a popular Wikipedia pages.

At any rate, let’s examine the Wikipedia page talk and edit area, to see who has given us this valuable information about Kristen Anderson.

Who put it up?  Who edited it?  And when was it edited?

It was first created in June 28th 2015.   It was created with a person using the name Neptunes Trident.  Seems honest and legit!  He’s  got  a really good rating and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary here.  It was altered a few times over the time it was created, nothing out of the ordinary there.  But oddly enough within the last month (just before the elections – October 2016)  it’s been edited two times.  It was then reverted.  It was changed by Danihilist and then reverted by Josve05a.   Danhilist has only ever made one change on all wikipedia pages (just this one to this one page) but Joesve05a has made many changes to multiple Wikipedia pages.

This user Danihilist came in and in the website area put in the word “infection threat“.  The changes were quickly reverted by our savior Josve05a.   Is Kristen trying to make money off of Trump by selling her book? And Who is this Danihilist?  Who makes an account to try to do discredit her?

Who knows what’s really going on here, but this is all very fishy!  The good thing about the internet is, everything is recorded somewhere.  If you dig deep enough, you can find almost anything.  I find a lot of things …

So after this all, this isn’t that convincing of a report to me.  She’s writing a book, targeted to the very people that Trump is trying to attract.  There have been some late edits to her wiki page, just all seems a little fishy to me.


Donald Trump Sexual Abuse examination continues on the Next Page

Donald Trump Sexual Harassment

The True Evidence

Donald Trump Sexual Abuse examination continues on the Next Page


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