Donald Trump and Summer Zervos

Donald Trump and the double edged sword

No. Not his sword.  The double edged sword silly!

Do you think sometimes it’s a double edged sword to be Donald Trump?   Many people are trying to make money in life.  Donald Trump is a billionaire and a lot of people want to make money off of him and with him, andwomen want to have sex with him.   It’s just a fact and it’s the curse of being the “The Donald!  Women throw themselves at Trump all the time.  Very beautiful women!  Most of us guys have never experienced that in life.  He’s got rock star status, only older, got way more cash and things … AND now he’s our President!  Could America stand for a Rock star president, almost of the likes of President Kennedy?  I don’t really think the United States is really ready to change right now, even though everyone seems to be complaining about it.  Or maybe it’s that we are afraid of change or maybe we’re just afraid of Donald Trump.  🙂  Anything is possible.

Cool Cool Donald Trump and Summer Zervos

Cool Cool Donald Trump and Summer Zervos

But how hard is it to be Donald Trump in real life.  Here’s an example of what it’s like being “The Donald”.  In a video on the Howard Stern radio show this cute, young little intern wanted to meet Trump and they needed him to sign a release and she offered to do it. She was looking to see if she could get opportunity for it.  She isn’t stupid and she wants to go places!  She’s a student and looking for new jobs. She totally dressed different than she does normally on the job, even the people on Howard  Stern make a comment on that.   So it’s her big chance to meet “The Donald” and she puts her best school girl miniskirt on and comes out to greet him.

It’s hard being Donald Trump, trust me it is.

So she turns her ass right towards him, bends ever so slightly, so he could sign the release form on her back.   Right in doggy style position with a little school skirt on!  Like I said, it’s hard being Donald Trump.  But luckily he didn’t pelvic thrust her because you shouldn’t do that if you want to be president!! 🙂  The bottom line is, when you have as much money as Trump does, it doesn’t matter that you’re 70 years old.  Women want to bang you and many will make advances at you.  Many women just want a job opportunity but are they using their sexuality to try to allure men in order to get jobs?   And do some women take another step even further than that?  I’ll let you decide that one but I’m telling you, if you’re “The Donald”, you have to be one controlled mamba jamba!

Donald Trump and Summer Zervos

He obviously gets tons of very very beautiful women coming up to him and trying to get jobs off of him all the time.  And they probably try to get other things off of him … but that’s another story!

So let’s move on to the second girl accusing Donald Trump of sexual harassment.

Donald Trump and Summer Zervos

Donald Trump and Summer Zervos

Donald Trump and Summer Zervos

Donald Trump and Summer Zervos

Summer Zervos Ex-apprentice hotty. A hot, semi successful but struggling woman that was kicked off of the TV show the apprentice by of course…  Donald Trump.   She was trying to get a job from Trump, she failed on the show, but she didn’t stop there.  After the show she contacted him to try to get him to meet for lunch. He accepted. There are tons of women actively pursuing Donald Trump even though he’s taken.  I’m sure it’s been like that for him for a long long time!

Pretty dam good looking women as well.

Well now she’s come out of the word work, she was fired from the Apprentice TV show and she has her own story.   What agenda does she have?  If any?  Maybe none?  I’ll let you decide.

She just made a press release telling her side of the story .  She said Trump kissed her and she was uncomfortable with that.  We should always support honest women who’ve been sexually assaulted and make sure the guy gets in trouble, but let’s also be fair here.  She’s a beautiful woman who wanted a job from Donald Trump and she had pursued that by doing the Apprentice.

It didn’t work, so she moved on.  Right??!!   Or did she??

Out of the blue she calls Donald Trump and wants to meet for lunch.  He agrees.  In her statement she said she was very uncomfortable when he made advances at her and she wanted to clear her conscience.  What a good girl indeed!

If you were a girl and a hot one at that and you wanted to work for Trump, would you let him kiss you?  So as she says, Trump moves in for the kiss!  Sticks his old tongue in her mouth and she says she got offended.  She was only there for dinner, or was she?  In her press release it’s very questionable about her intentions.  Watch as she reads from a press release.  She’s either very nervous or a really bad reader, or she hasn’t practiced reading that exact statement much because she made a lot of reading mistakes!   Not only does she make a lot of reading mistakes she mentions in her testimony that he kisses her and she didn’t like it.  Then the next day she tells her family and friends she didn’t like it.  So what does she do when Donald Trump calls her again?  She tells him that she didn’t want to be kissed right?  Tell’s him that it made her feel uncomfortable??  No.  She doesn’t.  She talks to him and she doesn’t mention anything about the kiss to him! It could have been done right there.  So what does Summer Zervos do next?  She goes to meet him again!  This doesn’t sound like a victim to me. And not only does she go to meet him, but she agrees to a private place?  Honestly that doesn’t sound like a smart move to me from someone who didn’t like his actions.

Come on now!!

If it was so offensive, why would Summer want to work for a guy like that? She wouldn’t.  There are a ton of jobs out there and she’s a struggling restaurant owner. If it was so offensive, why when he called the next day, did she makes no mention that the kiss bothered her?? Why would she go back and meet and him?  Why wouldn’t she at least tell him that she was offended.  She does none of this.  She kept pursuing him, because she doesn’t tell him that the kiss was offensive and she doesn’t go away. This seems very fishy to me.  At 6:40 in the interview she almost breaks in to laughter.   She regroups herself.

Seems really fishy indeed… lol

So who’s the lady to the left?  You know the one all dressed up and trying to console / coach her?  Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred from Los Angeles. She’s interested in helping woman with their civil rights.  A very expensive lawyer.  A question comes to mind.  Who is paying this attorney for this press release?  Where is Summer getting the money from to release this statement?  Lawyers aren’t cheap you know!  Gloria looks like she’s read the statement more than Summer has!  The only thing that’s missing is her mouthing the words.  Listen to Summer Zervos read the letter, she’s obviously not a good reader. It’s like she’s never read her own statement before.  She makes many mistakes.   She could be nervous or this could be something else.

She’s a restaurant owner and now has contracted a civil rights lawyer in order to make a press release of sexual abuse, just right before the election? Just seems unrelated but very fishy indeed.


So from the first two cases (Case 1 and Case 2), if you look in to them, they sound a bit fishy.  Hardly a case against sexual abuse or harassment.

But as we check out Case 3, there is more damning evidence.


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Donald Trump Sexual Abuse examination continues on the Next Page

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