Tips for Maximizing Your Clickthrough

Tips for Maximizing Your Clickthrough

Earn dollars with your website

- Make sure your Meta TITLE tag gives a clean, readable overview of the page – and also sells the page!

- Let the search visitor know, in as few words as you can, that they’re very likely to get what they want quickly from this link.

- Keep Meta TITLE tags under 66 characters (for Google). Any longer and the title will be shortened, which may make an incomplete phrase and compromise appeal.

- Avoid the temptation to stuff your Meta TITLE tags with multiple permutations of the same terms. You might get more good rankings, but if the title isn’t appealing, you could sacrifice traffic.

- Always use meta description tags, and use them to sell the click as well.

- Make sure the meta description contains your target search phrase, or Google may grab content from the page instead.

- Keep meta descriptions under about 150 characters, or they will also be chopped off.

- Keep your text short, punchy, to the point. Don’t feel you have to use all the space available. A short Meta Title tag or Meta Description will be easier to read and could work better.

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